Our CSS offering
is unique

Debunking the myths

There are many myths surrounding CSS. We work closely with you to dispel the mythology and help you make the most of the technology, thanks to our unique offering.

Myth #1

We don’t do CSS because it competes with our Google Shopping activity.”

This is a frustrating misunderstanding held by many brands because the truth is it doesn’t. Brands could be missing out on a lot of revenue if they subscribe to this particular myth. You don’t have to take our word for it: Google’s own article explains

Myth #2

Our PPC team advised us that running CSS will cannibalise our sales.”

As with Myth #1, CSS doesn’t cannibalise sales through any other channel. Shareight’s CCS activity would not compete against your brand. It would only compete against other brands on your behalf. Again, these are Google’s words not ours.

A simple way to dispel this myth is to run a trial with us and let the numbers do the talking.

Myth #3

We already work with one CSS partner, so we don’t need another.”

In fact there are two compelling reasons to have more than one CSS partner: gain incremental revenue and grow market share. AWin have a great article on this where they show that advertisers with two CSS partners delivered 2.5x additional growth over a 12-month period vs advertisers with only one CSS partner.

As well as offering the expected CSS benefits of incremental sales, improved market share and payment on CPA, there are 3 specific things that make Shareight’s offering unique:


Our CSS operates on
a premium partner

This network strategy is unique and brings two main advantages for our clients:

  • Our broad network of premium publisher shopping portals ensures the right brand environment for you in a channel that has massive visibility. Contrast this to other CSS providers whose comparison platforms are a fair way from an environment where you would like your brand to appear.
  • Our network gives us multiple opportunities to learn. We then apply those learnings across each partner platform.

We can offer CSS and
Commerce Content on
a single CPA

This solves a problem we’ve identified a lot of brands have:

  • You want content, to create engagement and
    preference for your brand and…
  • You also want sales and improved ROI but…
  • You only want to pay on a CPA basis

Our integrated solution solves this by delivering your KPIs for both CSS (traffic and revenue) and Content (views, dwell time, CTR & new customers) on a single CPA. Many of our clients have taken up this unfair advantage to improve their ROI.


We can demonstrate how
CSS works better as part
of our suite of products

Where brands work with us across our full suite of products (CSS + our network of shopping portals + Commerce Content) the results far exceed those using any single solution alone. See our case study

In summary, we are not just another CSS supplier. We have been measuring market trends in the Shopping space since 2012 and our Machine Learning is trained to unpick the complexities of CSS; we can prove we add incremental value. We work closely with you as a strategic partner to align our offering to your objectives. You benefit from working with an established business that delivers marketing solutions throughout the Consideration Phases of the customer journey.

Find out how we can help you increase your market share

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Case study

How we helped brands maximise their ROI