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We are experts in attracting and engaging customers during the consideration phases of their buying journey

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What we do

Shareight is a marketing solutions company specialising in the ‘forgotten middle’ of the customer journey: the key, yet often neglected, times when your customers are in a Passive and then Active Consideration mindset.

Almost all brands are under-represented in this area.
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Our clients love us because we improve
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How we help

Help your customers find their ideal purchase:
your product.

Many brands enjoy high awareness, some even high claimed purchase intent but, if customers are not sticking with you through to purchase and your market share is disappointing, or if you find you have to sacrifice margin for volume, you need Shareight.

Our suite of products comprises Shopping Portals, Commerce Content and CSS. Our solutions sit between awareness-generating advertising and discount-driven performance marketing to keep your brand on your customer’s shortlist as they move towards purchase.

How we’re different

A unique combination.
A powerful solution.

Because we are the technology foundation to many of the UK’s leading media brands’ shopping portals, Shareight has a unique combination of customer data, product data and proprietary media space. Together with our in-house editorial, design and developer teams, we are exclusively positioned to help your brand inspire, inform, engage and convert your customer prospects.

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